Please excuse any technical difficulties you may be experiencing- our 2018 South Bay Lapidary and Mineral Society annual gem show is currently loading! We are packing the trucks, cleaning our cases, amassing cold soda, and slipping into some comfortable shoes. This is our biggest weekend of the year!


In some ways things are different, and in many ways are still the same. This year we have a lot of new department heads that are fresh out of the gate and ready to take on some new challenges. They have big plans to make changes, and we are glad to have some fresh minds running the show! We would like to thank our show chairs this year for all of their hard work and careful planning- we know it will be a good one.

The funds from our show contribute to a Geology scholarship at El Camino College, and here is a snapshot of some of last years students with their professor Joe Holliday. One of our lifelong members Wally Ford was a long time Geology Professor at El Camino, and our scholarship is lovingly supported in his memory. Wally was a phenomenal man, we miss him!  Every year many of these ElCo students sacrifice a weekend to help us with our set up and tear down, and for that we would like to thank them in advance! We are proud of the work you do, and look forward to your future as geologists.


But as always, come ready to eat, enter our epic raffle, check out out awesome demonstrators, and vote for your favorite display case. We would like to send a special shout out to the Fluorescent Mineral Society for always being one of our favorite contributors to our show!  We have some awesome prizes donated by club members for the raffle this year, including our top three prizes…

  1. Orthoceras Plate (valued at $270)
  2. Pink Amethyst (valued at $125)
  3. $50 in cash

We hope to see you on Saturday March 3rd or Sunday March 4th at the Ken Miller Recreational Center in Torrance. We welcome the young, and the young at heart. We are thrilled to chat with the experienced gemologist, and the jewelry making novice. If you have a small stone you want wired wrapped or identified, we can help you with that. Nothing is too small!

Hope to see you soon!

Jamie Erickson

Club secretary and webmaster


One thought on “2018 Gem Show Loading

  1. This show is so much fun, I hope many of you can take advantage of the rainy weather to come to an inside event, have fun and stay dry!!


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