Our club winners of the ‘Club Education Through Sharing Rockhounds of the Year’ award from the CFMS.

-founded in 1948-

Mission Statement:

“This society was formed to collect and study minerals; to teach lapidary arts, to disseminate knowledge of mineralogy, lapidary work, and related activities; to exhibit specimens for public education; and to exchange information related to the earth sciences.”

Club Experts:

Cady Mountain Agate pendant crafted by member Terry Vasseur.

We have experts in our club specializing in fossil preparation, fused glass, opal cutting, lapidary and beads, cuttle bone casting, silver fabrication, tumbling, inlay, Zeolite minerals, lost wax casting, Suiseki (stone appreciation), workshop design and construction, sphere making, and silver fabrication.

Monthly Meetings: Meetings are scheduled on the First Tuesday of the month, 6:30 p.m., in the meeting room of the Torrance Public Library, 3301, Torrance Blvd.. Visitors and guests are always welcomed at all club events. Our meetings include an educational presentation by a guest speaker or in house expert, refreshments, fellowship, show and tell, and a raffle drawing.

Presentation by Mr. Francis Lou, pearl expert.


Annual dues for a single member is $15 and $20 for a family payable by the 1st of the year. An annual 12 month subscription to the Agatizer comes with a membership. A subscription to the Agatizer alone by mail is $20. Visitors interested in joining the club must attend three meetings and complete an application downloadable here. **New Member Application**

‘behind the scenes’ tour at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum.

Field Trips

Club members are also invited to attend regularly scheduled field trips that take place within driving distance of the South Bay. Field trips include rockhounding, visiting other rock shows and lapidary venues, museum trips, and our annual trips to Stoddard Wells and Quartzite!


California Federation of Mineralogical Societies and American Federation of Mineralogical Societies