As always, those who are interested in fashion, design, home decor, food, beauty, and yes… even gemstones look to the color of the year selected by Pantone. Founded in 1963 by Lawrence Herbert, Pantone was created to provide the ultimate color spectrum so that artists could accurately match up colors in a standardized format.

We here at the SBLMS would like to share some gems and minerals that fall into this beautiful color spectrum of exciting hues. As many have been incorporating natural elements into their home decor as well as into their collection cabinets, we would like to be the first to welcome you to the year of ultra violet, as selected by Pantone for the year of 2018.

Below are a few examples from our gem and mineral world- please click through! We need look far beyond the treasures of our earth for inspiration.

Thanks for reading, and happy new year from the SBLMS.

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