2018 Pantone Color of the Year

As always, those who are interested in fashion, design, home decor, food, beauty, and yes... even gemstones look to the color of the year selected by Pantone. Founded in 1963 by Lawrence Herbert, Pantone was created to provide the ultimate color spectrum so that artists could accurately match up colors in a standardized format. We... Continue Reading →


The Origins of ORANGE [Halloween Edition]

There is no denying that color can serve to symbolize many things. Orange specifically has a lot of associations in popular culture today. It is color that you can either 'pull off or not'. It is the color of safety officer vests and the incarcerated alike. It is the color of agent orange used in... Continue Reading →

100 Issues Later…

Happy August everyone! Now when we say issues in the title, we are not talking about 'problems' per say (although we have enough of those in today's world, don't we?), but we mean publications, editions, installments, and such. This month marks the 100th issue of our monthly newsletter The Agatizer with our wonderful editor Terry... Continue Reading →

The Hunt for Jade Cove Nephrite

Greetings- long time no post! We are sharing with you today a wonderful CFMS award winning article written by one of our members Craig Polliard. Enjoy! The morning came quickly as the alarm sounded with louder than planned rock and roll. The 4am departure was scheduled to beat any and all of Los Angeles residents... Continue Reading →

2017 Gem Show Reflections

Another year has passed, and as quickly as we managed to pull ourselves together for our annual show... it is over! Now that our sore feet and backs have recovered, we can take a moment to reflect on another wonderful year. We would like to first thank everyone who came to the show. You guys... Continue Reading →

2017 Gem Show

Guys and Gals! Our show is almost here! Before you read any further, get that calendar out: mark yourself as busy on April 1st and April 2nd- you have to be at the Ken Miller Center in Torrance California! Our planning meeting is this week, and we are rolling up our sleeves to get to... Continue Reading →

History Proved Through Geology

Greetings. In academia, there is generally a tension between the 'soft sciences' and the 'hard sciences'. In truth, the two fields benefit each other more than we would like to admit. In recent years through Geology, we have been able to trace back and identify exact happenings from the past. Sometimes historians, anthropologists, and archaeologists... Continue Reading →

AFMS who? CFMS who?

We have heard their abbreviated names mentioned countlessly in the correspondence portion of our club business meetings, and, "Gee I am sure that we send someone to a big meeting they host periodically." So if you are one of those super involved rockhounds who knows who these mysterious men behind the curtain are, or you are a... Continue Reading →

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