Happy August everyone!

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Now when we say issues in the title, we are not talking about ‘problems’ per say (although we have enough of those in today’s world, don’t we?), but we mean publications, editions, installments, and such.

This month marks the 100th issue of our monthly newsletter The Agatizer with our wonderful editor Terry Vasseur. Terry has been a valued member of our club for some time now, and took the entire operation of our monthly newsletter upon himself some ten year ago. Over the years he has won several awards for his creative content, impeccable formatting, and innovation.

Although less climactic than Keeping up with the Kardashians and less difficult than running the LA Marathon, creating new content on a monthly basis can be difficult. To be frank, sometimes one feels as if one is talking to oneself! Remaining committed for ten years is far more reaching than most websites, social media profiles, and to be honest-  this very website!

In a world where we are constantly tearing down to make way for the new, it should be considered a valuable lesson to take a moment to appreciate that which has lasted and brought enjoyment to an audience for a decade.

Although now working ‘year to year’ in regards to his commitment to the role of editor in chief, we hope to have him as long as he is able! Thanks so much for all of your hard work Terry, and see you soon.

You can check out Terry’s latest edition of The Agatizer by clicking on the tab above.

Jamie Erickson

SBLMS Secretary



One thought on “100 Issues Later…

  1. I have enjoyed every one and thank Terry from the bottom on my box of rocks for all the info we have received. Some laughs as well but always useful information.

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