Guys and Gals! Our show is almost here! Before you read any further, get that calendar out: mark yourself as busy on April 1st and April 2nd- you have to be at the Ken Miller Center in Torrance California! Our planning meeting is this week, and we are rolling up our sleeves to get to work! Trucks have been rented, volunteers have been gathered, and thirst quenching soda has been stockpiled.

Not only will you want to check out our amazing displays, sample our delicious pulled pork sandwiches, and check out our fascinating demonstrators, but you will have to buy some raffle tickets. Our prizes this year… man oh man! Just us members ourselves cannot contain our excitement! We mentioned our raffle prizes in a post on Facebook last week, but we do not want our blog followers who are not on Facebook to be left out in the cold and miss out on an excellent opportunity for a sneak preview!

*1st prize is a beautiful drape cave piece with a unique wood display stand from China. These caves are now flooded, so this piece is one of a kind and can no longer be sourced.
2017 1st Prize
*2nd prize is a fossilized leaf plate with crisp patterns and an elegant display stand. The details on this piece are stunning.
*3rd prize along with $50 cash is a fantastic polished Brazilian amethyst stone with a delicate flower feature. Amethyst is a popular one for many collectors and Geology enthusiasts alike!
In addition to these prizes, we have an assortment of beautifully cut Sunstones that are not pictured here, but rest assured they are absolutely stunning- us members are all worked up and even those who do not usually buy raffle tickets any more have already laid down some serious cash! Even if you do not want to enter the raffle, at least come and see these Sunstones- they will be on display with the other prizes during our show.
We hope to see our new blog and Facebook followers at our show April 1st and 2nd!
Thanks for reading.
Jamie Erickson on behalf of the SBLMS

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