Our club has had the honor of displaying some of ‘Natures Treasures’ in the Torrance Public Library as of late. The display covers a wide range of objects. Club members have volunteered to share their hand crafted works of jewelry, including beading, wire wrapping, cabochons, and silver smithing. Members have also specimens, fossils, petrified wood, and  polished rock. Having this display has not only been enjoyable for those who visit the library, but also for our club members who have been able to admire the creations and collections of our fellow members. Please check out the slideshow below to see some snapshots of the display over the past few months! Some of which have also been featured on several Facebook posts. If you have not already, head over to the sidebar and ‘like’ us to see daily updates about our club and geology. Thanks for reading.  

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2 thoughts on “Library Display, Torrance CA

  1. Great job, I got a call today from someone who wanted to buy one of the necklaces in our case, I told her to note the name and come to our show and talk to that person.

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  2. I hope she came to the show over the weekend; and a great show it was! Many thanks to Leslie and Larry for their awesome work as the ‘show chairs’; and a big THANK YOU to Jamie for her fabulous job on our website. SBLMS rocks – literally!!

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