History Proved Through Geology

Greetings. In academia, there is generally a tension between the 'soft sciences' and the 'hard sciences'. In truth, the two fields benefit each other more than we would like to admit. In recent years through Geology, we have been able to trace back and identify exact happenings from the past. Sometimes historians, anthropologists, and archaeologists … Continue reading History Proved Through Geology

Vikings and Rocks: Icelandic Spar

One of our club members Jamie Erickson wrote this brief article about Icelandic Spar, or Calcite and its connection to the Vikings. Enjoy! In today’s society, everyone has a slightly different romanticized image of the famous Norse travelers the Vikings. We have pieced things together from movies, books, legends, and family trees… there might even … Continue reading Vikings and Rocks: Icelandic Spar